We have knives for all occasions, for outdoor life and professional life.

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The knife – an indispensable tool!

At you will find knives for all occasions, regardless of whether you are looking for a folding knife, hunting knife, bushcraft knife, EDC (Every Day Carry) knife, craft knife, kitchen knife or a bowie knife. We have a wide range of high quality in different price ranges, something for all tastes and wallets.

We choose knives with care

With us you will find knives from leading brands that we have personally selected such as Benchmade, Spyderco, Cold Steel, CRKT and many others. The knife is your best friend for many activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, cooking, bushcraft, outdoor life or warehouse work. Order your knife today and discover the benefits of having the right tool for the job!

Knife Law - Knives and other dangerous objects

The legislation in this area (knife law) deals with knives, stabbing weapons, edged weapons and other dangerous objects intended to be used as weapons in crimes against life or health. Examples of such dangerous objects: stilettos, spring knives, butterfly knives, sabers, swords, throwing stars, karate sticks, knuckle bars.

According to the Knives Act on the Prohibition of Knives and Other Dangerous Objects (1988:254), it is prohibited to have this type of weapon in a public place, within school grounds or in a vehicle in a public place.

Examples of exceptions to the ban: military who wear a knife as part of their uniform, craftsmen who work with carpet laying and carry a knife, mushroom pickers who carry a purpose-built knife while hiking, normal use of a pocket knife or multi-tool.

Persons under the age of 21 may not use or possess running knives or running stilettos. and Knife Law

If you shop with us, you don't have to worry about buying illegal items. We do not sell anything that is illegal in Sweden. Some of our products may have the same name as certain prohibited items such as stilettos. In these cases, we mean that they have a stiletto-like design and not that they are stilettos. However, it is up to each individual to handle the knives in accordance with the Knife Act.

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